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wonderful story about extended family having a reunion


Dry April’s are good for Tours

The weather has been so rain free as of late that I feel fine offering tours to any who would like to learn more about down town Nevada City rather than just walk about staring at buildings that won’t tell you anything.

Call me at 530-575-7099. 🙂

Nevada City’s Victorian Christmas begins Wed. and tours will be given!

Some cities may claim they were built on rock and roll but Nevada City can state matter of factly that it was built on blood, sweat, beer, and snow!

Victorian Christmas starts at 5 PM tomorrow evening and no matter what the weather I will try to be there.

As always if you want to schedule ahead I can be reached at 530-575-7099

Hurricane Sandy brings love story to the surface

I’m always impressed with local love stories of days past.

This one isn’t local but it’s clearly impressive.


And yes I’m still available for tours. 🙂

Local Roosevelt kin was admired by slain Ambassador Stevens grandfather

“[Delano] saved our town when faith and hope were lost,”

Elmer Stevens (grandfather to the Ambassador) 1948 Nevada County Historical Society Bulletin.

Stone house party photo 1

The is the first photo of the paty at the Stonehouse I’ve uploaded.

First photo of AHS guests!

Some people need to see photos of events before going to one.

I am happy to provide a photo of some happy customers taking a rest mid tour!.