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What’s the hardest part of being a historian?

September 9, 2012

I’m not sure just what is the hardest part of being a historian.

However, I do know that all historians find it hard not to correct others mistakes when it comes to history.

A good example would be a nice lady I met recently who was sure this weekend there was going to be a revolutionary war reenactment at Pioneer Park in Nevada City.

When I foolishly tried to correct her, she doubled down that it was the Revolutionary War, and not the Civil War that was being reenacted.  I made a couple more faltering attempts to persuade her otherwise, and even had the audacity to mention I was a historian.  Fortunatly the lady had far more manners than I and she didn’t go beyond correcting me.

My point is that like Doctors and Engineers we sometimes forget ourselves.

I attended the reenactment yesterday.

There wasn’t a tricorner to be seen.


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