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Party at the Stonehouse

This weekend I gave tours of the stonehouse in Nevada City.

It was great fun for me and all those attending Olivia’s birthday.

I can’t wait to give more tours of the property to the next group that rent it for the night.


A couple of things to let everyone know

* The first party to take AHS tours during the farmers market get a $5 discount per peson.

You can’t event seen a movie in theaters for that price.

* Civil War re-enactments are awesome.

No matter how much one deplores violence there is NOTHING like the concussion blast from a cannon.

* The Italian Fest was wonderful.

I hope the other half of the county comes in 2013 so I can give them some free genealogy research.

That’s all for now. 8)

A couple of things to let everyone know

Oh and if I get many more nice Germans taking my tours I’m going to be obligated to learn their language. 😉

What’s the hardest part of being a historian?

I’m not sure just what is the hardest part of being a historian.

However, I do know that all historians find it hard not to correct others mistakes when it comes to history.

A good example would be a nice lady I met recently who was sure this weekend there was going to be a revolutionary war reenactment at Pioneer Park in Nevada City.

When I foolishly tried to correct her, she doubled down that it was the Revolutionary War, and not the Civil War that was being reenacted.  I made a couple more faltering attempts to persuade her otherwise, and even had the audacity to mention I was a historian.  Fortunatly the lady had far more manners than I and she didn’t go beyond correcting me.

My point is that like Doctors and Engineers we sometimes forget ourselves.

I attended the reenactment yesterday.

There wasn’t a tricorner to be seen.

How long will I be giving tours?


I was asked today if I planned to give tours in the snow.


I answered that while I don’t plan to stand in front of the chamber of commerce on saturday morning after the farmers market goes dormant for the year I intend to give tours year round if possible.



What does Alpine Historical Services do other than give tours?


I was asked today why I call the business “Alpine Historical Services” and not “Alpine Tour Services” or anything to that effect.



The reason is Alpine Historical Services offers more than just walking tours.


* A.H.S. offers research to those who want their family history (also known as a family tree, pedigree, or genealogy) traced for reasons including medical, religious, recreational, financial, or any other purposes.



In fact just this month the business’  family history services were offered to a Senate nominee.


* A.H.S. also offer services to those who want to local objects and/or documents older than 50 years.



Over the summer there was a client who wanted Alpine Historical Services to see if the National Archives had a photo of his father-in-law with President Eisenhower.  He was happy to find the photo exists and he now has a copy in his living room.


* In addition we also offer to research real estate.


A growing trend among realtors is to hire historians to gather information on vintage houses to both increase their marketability and to serve as a unique house-warming gift.


A fine example of this was a Nevada City property on Park Avenue whose new owners I happened to meet and who were most grateful for the book I wrote that details the history of their home.


* A.H.S. is also prepared to research more serious topics including property boundary records, water records, wills/probates, and contamination.


These may seem to be of limited value but in a land that once teamed with gold mines and other industries known to utilize substances that can contaminate land, water, air, and food; residents have a right to defend their health with knowledge.



The Tours of course are more enjoyable both for A.H.S. and it’s clients.

This Saturday as usual tours will be available on the hour between 9 AM and Noon starting (and ending) at the farmers market in Nevada City.












Hope to see you there.







Why Take a Tour of Nevada City?

How could someone not love this town?

The buildings however don’t speak for themselves so a historian is needed to explain the how, why, and when of the downtown.

to reach such a historian for a tour call 530-575-7099 today!